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Belton and Back

The plan all started when we had Barley. We decided he needed to meet Simon, Berkely, mom & dad. Then when all that changed we decided we still would like to make the trip. It had been since Christmas when we saw them. This may not seem like a long time, but after living with someone for 3 months it does.

So it was an overnight road trip to Belton and back, not even a full 24 hours. But we had a great time with the folks and the pets. Last night we sat on the patio by the fire. It was even my first time to wear a snuggie. It kept me warm but the while time I was thinking about the guy and his family lifting his hands and “raising the roof.”

But that was it. A quick trip to Belton with the usual dinner at chilis and trip to Harker Heights. But we had the most fabulous time with my parents!


For my friend CJ

Recently my friend CJ asked if I was still keeping this blog. I responded that my life was busy but with nothing new and interesting. My life semed and still seems to be set on repeat. Same schedule, same activities. Nothing I thought people would be interested in. But then it hit me. Thats for you to decide. The nature of blogs are to share and express opinions. You have the choice to follow what I have to share. So thanks to my friend CJ and my Feb5 resolution to stay more connected, here is my attempt. Thank you to those who care.