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Take Me Home

Three years ago we made a big change in our life. Most of you are thinking about when we left for Romania. But what many don’t remember, or initially think about, is that we left behind our precious cat Dublin. For the past three years his home has been with my brother. Since we returned to the US I have been waiting for the moment when we can bring Dublin back home to us. The timing is now and this Saturday Dublin will be coming home. Thanks Richard for the wonderful video.

p.s. to watch the video check it out on my facebook page. i can’t get it to upload here.


Why I love SA

We have finally found a home. All those months of anticipation and wondering and job searching have led us here. Who would have thought we would end up back in Texas? We sure didn’t. But we are glad we did. For most of my life I have been connected to San Antonio. My mom went to High School here, my parents were married here, my grandfather and father served in the Air Force here and most recently, my grandparents were buried here. But for some reason, living here is opening my eyes to a whole new side of San Antonio and the great things it has to offer.

First of all, we LOVE our church. Baptist Temple has been an encouragement to us and has received us with warm and open hearts. We are blessed to be apart of such a loving church. Second, we love our location. We are living downtown, or as close to downtown as we could afford. Our apartment is a cozy little space with the most magnificent windows facing the city. We are in walking distance to the riverwalk, the library and other spots of interest downtown. For those places we can’t reach on foot, we have great access to the VIA, San Antonio’s public transit service.

As we have only been here 2 weeks, we are learning our way. Most of those days I am stuck inside, unpacking, organizing, doing schoolwork or looking for a job. But whenever we can we get out and explore. We went to the Art Museum, the Alamo, many trips to the Riverwalk, and other little trips down random streets just to see what there is. Wes already has a long list of restaurants he is eager to try.

My blog is about my life right now, which happens to be living and loving SA. It has been a journey so far and it will continue to be. I am just thankful this journey has brought us here.