October is Fair Trade Month

I received this email from Global Women and wanted to pass it along:

“Two billion people—a third of humanity—still survive on less than $2 a day. In addition to the challenges of global food shortages, economic shifts, and political instability, unfair trade rules keep many of these people in poverty.

Fair Trade is a people’s movement for change that aims to tip the balance of trade in favor of poor producers. Buying Fair Trade goods (like tea, coffee, and chocolate) is an important action that we can all take that helps create economic stability and directly combats one the major factors contributing to human trafficking — poverty.

So, get involved. Look for Fair Trade goods at your local grocery store, give them as gift to friends and family, and go to www.fairtrademonth.org to learn more.”


One response to this post.

  1. It is so great to see others who are promoting Fair Trade. At Fair Trade Sports, we are eager to get the word out that products don’t have to be made by children, and that adults can provide for their family on a fair wage.

    Fair Trade Sports sells sports jerseys, soccer balls, rugby balls, frisbees and other sports items that adhere to Fair Trade regulations, with all after-tax profits go to charity. Our products are a tangible proof point to educate US consumers on the benefits of Fair Trade and the fight against child labor. Fair Trade Sports is proud to continue their commitment of only selling sports equipment that is manufactured by adult stitchers who receive a wage certified by the Fair Trade Labeling Organization International for their work.

    Help with the Fair Trade belief! Every bit counts, for every person involved.

    Monica Turley
    Email: monica@fairtradesports.com
    Fair Trade Sports
    ~ Eco-Certified, Fair Trade, Union-Made
    ~ Balls for soccer, football, and more…
    ~ All after-tax profits to children’s charities


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