Got this email from our friend Mike Bergman, pastor at Hope Community and Director of Helping Hands Ministry. This a great local organization that Wes and my mom have been volunteering with. I wish my schedule allowed me to go more often. Please read the info, follow the instructions and VOTE!

Okay – here it is.  Helping Hands ministry is a finalist in an Office Furniture Promotional sponsored by a regional Office Supply Company.  This is a $25,000.00 package including furniture, equipment, and supplies.  The way we win is to receive the most on-line votes.  You can help us.  It doesn’t matter where in the world these votes come from.  One vote per e-mail address.  Go to  Follow the prompts regarding the contest.  Voting must be completed by midnight, September 20th.  If you will, vote, and then send an e-mail or use your facebook, or twitter to notify the people you know could also vote for us.  We need at least 10,000 votes to do this.  When you get to the site, there is some information about our organization.  You can also go to learn more about us.

Thanks for whatever you can do to help – Mike


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