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Thank you, Tax free weekend!

I didn’t have a lot to buy this past weekend, but there were a few items on my wish/need list. So, like most Texans, I set out shopping on tax free weekend hoping for sales and the chance to save 8.25%. I didn’t find a lot but I did get something I have been wanting for a long time. A pair of running shoes. But unlike the past, this time I was fitted and measured for the right shoes. I have been training for a 5k (and hopefully farther in the future) and everywhere I read it recommends getting fitted.

So thank you, tax free weekend. I got a new pair of shoes and already got 3 miles worth of use out of them.



Busy Times

I start classes today. This is my 4th semester taking classes at DBU. Until now they have been relatively easy and basic. Of course they were pre-requisites since I didn’t have an undergrad in Business. But as I move deeper into the core curriculum I notice an intensity shift. So as I start my 2 classes today I know I have a busy semester ahead. I hope I can give the effort it needs while also looking for a job and hopefully moving to a new city and adjusting to that new job. I am excited but reality hit this morning that classes have resumed and my life just got busier.

A Life Remembered

MomMy grandmother¬†recently¬†passed away after experiencing some serious health problems. She lived a long and full life. It was remembered and honored last Saturday at funeral in Brookshire, Texas. Our entire family was able to be together and give thanks for my grandmother’s life and the impact she had on everyone around her. I am sad she is no longer with us, but rejoicing that we will spend an eternity together in Heaven.¬†


Gift of Love

My brother just uploaded (to facebook) a video he created including pics of our 3 years in Romania. It is the best piece of artwork I have ever seen. It is not because Wes & I are the subjects but because of the love you feel from him as you watch this video. Thank you Richard for your hardwork on this awesome video and for loving us in this way!

Here is a link to facebook to view the video:

A Europe Traveled

We’re one of those

It’s August. We have returned from Romania and are looking for jobs. We can be thankful for 2 things: 1)CBF pays us through September and 2) my parents have offered a place-rent free- until we find jobs. But we have joined the statistic of college grads, or adults for that matter, who have moved back in with mom & dad. I’d like to think that this is an extended stay and not a complete “move-in.” I am sure they would like to think the same.

After being out of the country for 3 years, I am happy about the fact that I am closer to family but no one plans to be closer and that mean the bedroom next door.

I am optimistic about August. I will enjoy my time with family. I will look forward to a routine and a place to create a schedule of disciplines. But most importantly – this will be job search central. It should be a good month!