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The heat is on

summer heat

Yesterday it was so hot that I took 3 showers. I woke up and took my normal morning shower. Then I went to work. Temperatures rose to about 95F. This is hot, but feels even hotter when you ride the bus with no A/C and then your office has no A/C. I don’t usually complain about this because it is only a problem for 3 months of the year. But anyway, I was so hot that I took a shower again when I got home from work.

Wes and I met Anca for dinner (more on that later) and again being outside for several hours & taking public just left me feeling gross. I had to take one final shower before going to bed.

You know its summer and its hot when you take 3 showers. It leaves me wondering how life in the states will be again. It will still be hot, but everything is air-conditioned. So maybe just 2 showers? Goodness, welcome to summer: my least favorite season!


Other Blog

If you follow this blog and not my other one (I doubt that you do), I recently posted about our goodbye staff dinner. Without being rendundant, for those who follow both, I will post the link to my other blog so you can read about our evening and see some pics.

In about a week the other blog, which served as our blog while in Romania, will no longer exist. I will officially switch over to this one. But for now, in case you haven’t seen, check out our minstry blog at:

Afternoon with the Alexe Family

After church today we were invited to lunch with the Alexe family (a family we have become very close with). We spent most of the afternoon at Pizza Hut enjoying an assortment of foods, drinks & desserts. In the midst of our lunch all of us, except Vali (the dad), went to the new 6D theatre to watch a 13 minute film called Haunted House. I sat next next to their son, Matei, who jumped and screamed at every little thing. This made my experience 100 times better.

We resumed our meal at Pizza Hut and then left. They brought us home to rest before church. It was a great afternoon making more memories that we will keep forever.

Surprise Wedding Reception

If I was rich I would love to throw a random stranger a wedding reception. This seemed to really make their day special. I wish I could make someone’s day like that!

Reverse It

First seen on my brother’s blog, I was intrigued by this video. Such an empowering message. We can change the path that our generation is heading towards. We can reverse it!