Quick Trip to the Border

In order to comply with the resident laws we had a to make a quick trip to the Bulgarian border yesterday. It’s a long story as to why so I wont bore you but we had to leave the country and re-enter and Bulgaria is the closest border at 150km (90miles).

Vasile drove us and Mona came along for the ride because she wanted to check out the shopping in Bulgaria. We crossed the border and checked out a few stores. She didn’t find what she came for but we all walked away with some goodies from Bulgaria. I was excited to find sun-dried tomatoes, a favorite of mine, and also cheddar cheese. These are 2 items we can not find in Romania. After shopping we returned to Romania and stopped for lunch. The Danube runs between the Romanian and Bulgarian borders and Mona knew a great seafood restaurant on the river. I had the best fish I have had in a LONG time. Our day came to an end here and we returned to Bucharest.

So it was an overall success. We had a great day with Mona & Vasile, did some shopping, had great seafood and most importantly (the purpose of our trip) got our passports stamped showing we left the country. What a day!


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