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The Reason

I could never be vegan for this one reason:

Beautiful assortment of cheese

Beautiful assortment of cheese


I love so many different types of cheeses from many different parts of the world. It is such an experience to enjoy the flavor of cheese. Though vegan might be a healthier lifestyle of eating, I cannot cut out cheese.

Oh and there is honey, too.



Every time I watch Biggest Loser I am completely inspired. The way the contestants overcome their obstacles, deal with their struggles and reach their goals always gives me hope. This season I was inspired most by the fact that the final 4 took part in their 1st marathon completing 26.2 miles. Some ran, some walked, but they all competed the marathon.

For awhile now I have had a goal of completing some type of marathon, 5k-1/2-full, before I turn 30. I have never been a good runner and honestly never really tried to be. I made a goal to run a 5K when I return to the States this summer. That goal seemed unattainable to me. Well, until a few weeks ago. When I watched BL contestants complete a marathon I set my heights much higher.

I told myself that “I can do it!” I am learning that believing in yourself is half the struggle. Failing to do something usually results from you telling yourself you can’t do it. You have to push through the helpless and negative thoughts and just do it. I am training for a 5k and when thats completed I will train for a half marathon. It’s a daily struggle but one I am willing to push through.

Helen (48 yrs) finished 26.2 miles

Helen (48 yrs) finished 26.2 miles

In Loving Memory

I found out today that my great-uncle (my mom’s uncle) passed away yesterday. His health had been declining for some time. I am very sad that this has happened, but thankful he is no longer in pain and also that he is in heaven. For years he has been inviting us to visit him in Virginia. We were finally going to make that possible this summer. I am sad that I did not get to see him one last time. He was a special man who will always be in our hearts. I will cherish every memory I had with him.

Uncle Bud (Omer H. Rimmer, Jr.)
May 1, 1926 – May 12, 2009

Quick Trip to the Border

In order to comply with the resident laws we had a to make a quick trip to the Bulgarian border yesterday. It’s a long story as to why so I wont bore you but we had to leave the country and re-enter and Bulgaria is the closest border at 150km (90miles).

Vasile drove us and Mona came along for the ride because she wanted to check out the shopping in Bulgaria. We crossed the border and checked out a few stores. She didn’t find what she came for but we all walked away with some goodies from Bulgaria. I was excited to find sun-dried tomatoes, a favorite of mine, and also cheddar cheese. These are 2 items we can not find in Romania. After shopping we returned to Romania and stopped for lunch. The Danube runs between the Romanian and Bulgarian borders and Mona knew a great seafood restaurant on the river. I had the best fish I have had in a LONG time. Our day came to an end here and we returned to Bucharest.

So it was an overall success. We had a great day with Mona & Vasile, did some shopping, had great seafood and most importantly (the purpose of our trip) got our passports stamped showing we left the country. What a day!

Post by Email

Just read that you can post on wordpress by sending an email. This is a test post.

Funny Commercial

Alba Iulia

Last weekend Wes and I joined the youth from our church on a trip to Alba Iulia. If  you want to read more about the trip, visit our blog called Journey Together on the right column.

On Sunday we spent the afternoon with our host family enjoying the nature of Alba Iulia. Marius and Sanda were our host family and they were super. The whole weekend was fantastic but here are some pictures from our afternoon by the river.