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Finding My Way Through Blogger

So I am on the dashboard and saw this box called quickpress. If it is what I think it is, then I can write new posts here. I am testing this theory.


Getting Started

I have decided to start a personal blog. For the past three years I have kept a blog with my husband to journal our life in Romania. Since that is coming to a close in a few months and I want to transition to my own personal blog. It’s purpose will be to share news from my life, but it’s other purpose is what blogs were intended to do in the first place, journal. I have switched from blogger to wordpress for 2 reasons, I am tired of using blogger and I think wordpress has a cleaner design. Now it is like the first day on a new job trying to learn the ropes. I will find my way, but right now its a bunch of stumbling. Stayed tuned for when this thing actually goes public.